An Absolutely Accurate* Summary Of Loki, Episode 2.5:

*Any accuracy is purely coincidental

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Sad-face Loki
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OK — SPOILERS for episode 5 of series 2 of Loki, OK? SPOILERS.


OK, great.

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Loki (series 2)

6 stories
Sad-face Loki
Loki screaming ‘Tell me!’


Loki: Oh thank God, Casey! …Where the hell are we?

Casey: M’name’s Frank. And this is Alcatraz, genius.

Loki: …It’s always the quiet ones.


O.B.: Well, yeah, it’s impossible. But that shouldn’t be a problem.

Loki: …I haven’t slept in a long period of what I’m going to loosely refer to as ‘time’ and I have had a very, very, stressful life as of late. So I’m going to need you to use small words and big pictures.


Loki: *sees Mobius raising 2 kids as a single dad*

Loki: …OMG, he’s actually a DILF!

Loki: *straightens up hair and clothing before going over*

Me, watching: …The fandom is creating NSFW content right now, isn’t it?


Sylvie: Reality’s not ending, you’re just emotionally effed up and projecting.

Loki: …You might be right. I’m too tired to unpick the weird non-logic you’ve been going with this series. I’ll go back and tell them all to go home.

*5 minutes later*

Loki: …And I’m very sorry that I let my own emotional state…

Sylvie, interrupting: Uh, my bad. Reality is ending. Sorry. You’re still emotionally effed up though.

Loki: …We’re gonna talk later.

Sylvie: Fair.


Loki: OMG

Loki: That’s it!

Loki: I did it!

Everyone: What’s it? You did what?

Loki, dramatically: Time is… made of… SPAGHETTI!

Sylvie, whispering to Mobius: If I knock him out, can you help me carry him somewhere to sleep?

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