An Absolutely Accurate* Summary Of Loki, Episode 2.6:

— the FINALE! Woo! *Any accuracy is purely coincidental

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OK — SPOILERS for episode 6 of series 2 of Loki, OK? SPOILERS.


OK, great.

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Loki (series 2)

6 stories
Sad-face Loki
Loki screaming ‘Tell me!’


Loki: *tries again*

Loki: *fails again*

Loki: …I’m so freaking tired.


He Who Remains: This was all part of my plan all along! I’ve been playing 5D chess! Mwahahahaha!

Loki: Bi**h, I do what I want. I’ma break stuff.


Loki: I don’t know how to fix it without killing you.

Past!Sylvie: …I’m not telling you that that’s OK.

Loki: …Uh, no. What I want are options. Because they have yet to invent the algebra that tells you when I last slept.

Past!Sylvie: Oh… I don’t know. I got nothing.

Loki: Great, thanks. That’s swell, Sylvie, your contributions are much appreciated.


Loki: So how do you decide who lives and who dies?

Past!Mobius: We don’t kill, we prune.

Loki: Ugh. Whatever. What makes the decision?

Past!Mobius: The Time Keepers, duh.

Loki: Ugh. I mean… when does something make a Nexus event?

Past!Mobius: …I don’t understand the question.

Loki: …You mean it’s timey-wimey stuff, and no-one really knows. Great. Just great.


Loki: *walks towards loom*

Loki: *performs slow magical outfit change*

Loki: *makes the chair golden*



Mobius: …He’s uh… still pretty extra, isn’t he?

Sylvie: …Yup.

Loki, from a distance: I’M GONNA HAVE THE HORNIEST HELMET!

Mobius: …Yup.

Loki, from a distance: YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!

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