Bad Luck vs Catastrophizing

Cee Arr
6 min readJan 28, 2022


‘Bad Luck vs Catastrophizing’ against a sparkly background
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Warning: this post discusses: Anxiety, intrusive thoughts, cognitive distortions, catastrophizing, knives, spiders, video game deaths, and brief references to mouse killing and car crashes

Disclaimer time: I am not any type of mental health, psychological, scientific, or medical professional.

I am someone with a blog and personal experience of mental health problems.

One time, when I was drying the dishes, I set off a mouse-trap* style chain reaction and a sharp knife whizzed past my head before clattering to the floor.

Because that’s the kind of thing that happens to me.

*The game, not the mouse murder device.

Recently, I’ve been watching Sanders Sides — a web series from YouTuber Thomas Sanders, where he plays a variety of characters who represent different aspects of his thoughts and personality.

The first video I actually watched was from the spin-off Sanders Asides series, because it popped up on my YouTube recs.

( You can see it here, be aware of mild flashing images, and take notice of the warnings provided at the beginning of the video.)

It’s about dealing with intrusive thoughts.

It’s the second video that Thomas Sanders has made about this, with this one being specifically to do with dealing with this sh** when you’re trying to get sh** done.

Anyhow (SPOILERS, I guess,) at one point the character which represents Thomas’ intrusive thoughts, Remus, sets off a roomba…

…which, mouse-trap* style, ends up knocking a sharp knife into the garbage disposal, and launches it across the room, narrowly whizzing over Thomas’ head.

*still the game

It’s not made 100% clear, but the implication is that this is supposed to be an example of things…

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