Cee Arr
1 min readMay 30, 2024
Artsy picture of person standing beneath a swirl of starry night sky
Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Hear the stardust rhythm
beat-bounced on the night-sky,
sing it out

Hear the trembling rhythm
glow of my heart as it bleeds,
glow of my soul as it calls out,
cries out,
for one it will not find here
on the ground

Hear the night-time rhythm
that light-time rhythm
that life-time rhythm
sing it
sing it out

Watch the dance
of your cold breath
in the night air

and wonder
how it is
that we’re alive

Prompt set by the regal Ravyne Hawke:

“Stars are always dancing. Sometimes they dance twinkling away with the rhythm of your joyful heart and sometimes they dance without movement to embrace your heartache as if frozen sculptures of open-armed sadness.”
Munia Khan

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