Distracted By Ethan Hawke’s Floofy Hair…

My thoughts on episode 2 of Disney+/Marvel’s Moon Knight

Cee Arr
4 min readApr 14, 2022


Moon Knight episode 2 time!

Khonshu (big mystic dude with a bird skull head) talking to either Steven or Marc
Gif: Via Giphy

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As with my post on the last episode, there’ll be a SPOILER section, which’ll be clearly marked after the non-spoiler-y stuff.

OK, full disclosure to start off with: I keep getting distracted by Ethan Hawke’s hair.

It’s just got this… floof to it that I can’t quite ignore.

Like, I’ll be totally in a scene and then I’m just… distracted.

…By his floofy, floofy, hair.

I can’t help it, OK? 😅😂

So aside from the Bucky-in-Wakanda hair-vibes from Hawke, the stand-out so far has to be just how much I love Steven Grant as a character.

Like, he’s just an ordinary bloke who has had the most surreal sh** happen to him in the last few days -

what with the ancient Egyptian mysticky stuff combining with the mental health problems stuff

- and literally no-one is equipped to deal with this!

And this beautiful human being still sees something — batsh** though it may be — that isn’t right, and says so.

He’s not comfortable with just staying quiet when there are people thinking that the worst sh** is OK, and trying to sell him on it.

Despite the fact that he is way, way, out of his depth, he’s still like: no, this isn’t right. This is messed up.

Total legend 💖

I’m not sure how I feel about Marc yet.



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