Don’t Give Me Toxic Masculinity in My She-Hulk Show

I had a problem with part of She-Hulk, episode 1

Cee Arr
3 min readSep 5, 2022


OK, so I watched the first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, and for the most part I loved it.

I mean, I loved it.

…But there is one goddamn thing that does my head in.

She-Hulk to Hulk: What the hell, man?
Gif: Via Giphy

And yes, SPOILERS for episode 1 — please NO SPOILERS for other episodes.


…The stuff about whether or not Steve Rogers was a virgin. And the after-credits scene explaining he wasn’t.

WTAF Marvel?!

Don’t give me unnecessary Allocisheteronormative (i.e. assuming everyone is non-LGBTQ+,) toxic masculine b*llsh** with my She-Hulk show.

Don’t see my problem here? Lemme explain:

  • Jen’s literal crying when she thought he ‘died a virgin’ pi**ed me off — it’s not an effing disease, and Asexual people who don’t want sex, celibate people, and people who just haven’t had sex yet, are all equally valuable human beings to those who have had sex
  • Clear Allocisheteronormativity with only referring to Cisgender M/F relationships and traditional sex, when Marvel damn well know that the LGBTQ+ community are sick of their Queer-baiting with Steve and Bucky
  • All of this for the sake of proving he was ‘all man’ is toxic masculinity all over
  • Virginity is a social construct that does a tonne of damage in a variety of cultures all over the world
  • Regardless of all that, Jen had no right to know. If Steve never made it public knowledge, Bruce shouldn’t’ve said a damn thing
  • It was So. Unnecessary.



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