Echoing Back

Taking a look at the trailer for Marvel’s Echo

Cee Arr


Maya Lopez/Echo
Gif: via Giphy

The trailer for Hawkeye spin-off series Echo is totally awesome!

I loved Maya Lopez (Choctaw,) as a character in Hawkeye, and I can’t wait to see more of actress Alaqua Cox (Menominee and Mohican). She’s so awesome — she’s got a real presence to her, y’know?

Speaking of… the Kingpin is back!

Honestly, I never saw the Daredevil TV series (yes, it’s on my list — but so are circa 1 million other things,) but just from Hawkeye I know that Vincent D’Onofrio is an amazing Wilson Fisk.

Argh, this looks so good!

I’ve embedded the version of the trailer with Choctaw subtitles

(- because I know, being Welsh, how important those little things are for enabling languages which are classed as vulnerable or endangered to survive and thrive.)

The Choctaw subbed version does not have English closed captions, so if that’s something you need, follow the link here to check out the non-Choctaw version. (Content Warnings apply.)

For everyone else, here’s the Choctaw subbed trailer:

Warning: flashing images, general violence (inc. gun violence,) blood, injury



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