‘Even living in a pretty tolerant country, it’s all too possible.’

Cee Arr
2 min readJan 19, 2022

A quick-fire, bulletpoint, review of Queer As A Five-Dollar Bill by Lee Wind

‘Queer As A Five Dollar Bill’ written in funky writing over a five dollar bill featuring Abraham Lincoln
Graphic: reviewer’s own, made with Canva. Five dollar bill image: Pixabay

Queer As A Five-Dollar Bill by Lee Wind

I received a free digital review copy of this book from NetGalley. NetGalley provides books to reviewers as an opportunity to provide fair and honest reviews.

Full disclosure: I’m a fan of Lee Wind and have commented/shared review links on his blog before

  • This book is #OwnVoices for Gay representation.
  • Wyatt lives in Lincolnville, Oregon, in an Abraham Lincoln-themed B&B, and his school’s history project is on — you guessed it — Abraham Lincoln.
  • Except sometimes the facts aren’t what everyone else wants them to be. Lincoln? Was Queer. Cue Homophobic media poop-storm in a small town, directed at a closeted kid who feels like he’s suffocating and potentially in physical danger.
  • I was right there with Wyatt as he struggled, wanting to scream at his family and friends to see what was in front of their faces and help him!
  • And Wyatt’s lowkey a little bada**. This kid is stronger than he gives himself credit for.
  • One of the main (and one of the only) criticisms that I’ve seen about this book on the Interwebs is that the Homophobia, in particular, is melodramatic and unrealistic. I respectfully disagree.
  • It doesn’t seem unrealistic to me. Even living in a pretty tolerant country, it’s all too possible.
  • This book was… so good.
  • Obviously, I understand if the subject matter is too much. But if you can face it, then I highly recommend Queer As A Five-Dollar Bill.

Check out the full review of this book, as well as a list of Content Warnings, here:

Adapted from a post originally published on my blog, Dora Reads

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