Has Anyone Received That Missing Medium Money???

…It’s October 30th. Has anyone actually got that promised credit back yet? What is going on???

Cee Arr


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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

The Medium Partner Program earnings fell down a sharp cliff at the end of September.

Originally, it looked like a new policy aimed at cutting mutual engagement, as Susie Kearley explained in her post ‘Why Earnings Are Down’ :

Eventually scammers were blamed, and we were told that we’d be getting extra money to make up for that missing cash.

Which Adrian CDTPPW explained with his ‘I Found Out Why Earnings Have Dropped’ :

…and ‘Medium Says They Will Pay Us Back’ :

We were told we’d get it by the end of the month. But… has anyone? Actually got it yet??? Because I definitely haven’t.

(And yes, I know they technically have ’til tomorrow, but they said before the end of the month.)

But then, we were also told in the most recent ham-fisted communiques that earnings are back to normal.

Which… if you can find a single Medium writer who agrees with that, I would love to hear from them.



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