I Honestly Wish My Teen Self Had Had Access To Books Like This

Cee Arr
2 min readDec 26, 2021

A bulletpoint, quick-fire, review of Can Everyone Please Calm Down?: A Guide To 21st Century Sexuality by Mae Martin

Can Everyone Please Calm Down?: A Guide To 21st Century Sexuality by Mae Martin

Mae Martin uses She/They pronouns.

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I received a free review copy of this book via NetGalley, which provides digital copies of books to reviewers as an opportunity to provide a fair and honest review.

This does not affect the content of my review.

  • This is Queer non-fiction, discussing all things Sexuality, and aimed at a Young Adult audience.
  • I honestly wish my teen self had had access to books like this.
  • Acceptance is powerful, and I love the way Martin is so chill-casual about accepting everyone.
  • She’s also funny as f**k.
  • In explaining her issues with ‘born this way’ (which are valid,) though, she inadvertantly over-simplifies the stance itself.
  • Likewise, Mae Martin does seem slightly unaware of how liberating the ability to claim a label can be.
  • I sometimes felt that Asexuality and Aromanticism and the Ace/Aro-spectrums, were something of an after-thought, and would’ve liked to have seen more effort to include them.
  • ‘Can Everyone Please Calm Down?’ is open and honest and frank and full of love and acceptance. And I think that that’s the most powerful thing there is.

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