‘I Love A Good Spidey Reference, But They Don’t Have To Be In The Trailer, Sony’

Cee Arr
2 min readNov 5, 2021

The new Morbius trailer wasn’t everything I’d hoped for

(Trailer is embedded further down, if you haven’t seen it yet!)

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OK *deep breaths* — the new Morbius trailer. Whew.

Michael Morbius has been one of my favourite Spider-Man villains (the other being Venom, ofc,) since I was a kid watching Spidey cartoons.

Morbius is the quintessential tortured, sympathetic, villain — in an attempt to save his own life, he accidentally turns himself into a living vampire (not to be confused with the various types of other vampire faffing around Marvel comics.)

He doesn’t want to hurt people — that was never the intention. But now there’s something in him that wants nothing more than to kill, to drink blood in order to sustain himself. And that conflict is tearing him apart.

Warning: flashing images, blood, injury, extreme illness and hospital settings, self-harm, violence

I loved the first trailer for this film.

This trailer? It was OK.

But it wasn’t everything I’d hoped for (maybe because they were so busy cramming references in — which, I love a good Spidey reference, but they don’t have to be in the trailer, Sony.)

I think Jared Leto, problematic though he is, is a good actor, and can potentially get to the heart of Morbius — but I am concerned, not least because of the potential for Ableism in some of the framing here.

Some of it came across like, ‘yeah, but he looked gross before and now he has abs!’ and… I’m hoping this is just a trailer thing, Sony, because it’s not a good look (socially/representaionally speaking — aesthetically it’s still Jared Leto with abs.)

Still, I’m cautiously optimistic for the final film.

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