I Love Me Some Angst!

Cee Arr
2 min readOct 25, 2021

… aka ‘why I find angsty fanfiction emotionally healthy (and also I’m still an emo child at heart.)’

Klaus Hargreeves (Robert Sheehan): Where are you going with this?
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In some ways, fanfolks are just gluttons for punishment — and I’m no different, really. I love me some angst!

Part of that is because I am an emo child to the end of eternity, and the gothicky and/or angsty stuff is always going to appeal to my sense of Drama.

But another part is that actually it’s emotionally healthy to give yourself some space to explore your darker and more angsty feelings in a safe environment — such as through media and fanfiction.

(…I don’t know whether that last sentence was really smart or really b*llsh**, but I’ma go with it!)

Disclaimer time!

This is where it’s important that I remind you that I’m not a mental health or any kind of medical professional! Just a chick with personal experience of Depression and Anxiety.

What better way to explore your emo feelings than with a Queer Queen created by the Emo Queen of Sass?

(That’s Klaus Hargreeves and Gerard Way, respectively.)

See? Told you I was one of the emo children.

I gave Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, marched in the Black Parade and raised my open filthy palms like tiny daggers up to heaven (and made some noise, of course.) …I still do, come to think of it. 😉

So yeah, a lot of my angst-fic-reading is linked to The Umbrella Academy (TUA).

…more specifically my gothic fave Klaus Hargreeves (who is the other type of Medium — the one with more ghosts than blogposts) — although I can’t deny that I also love a good dose of Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier angst!

Adapted from this post from my blog, Dora Reads



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