I’m Going To Publish 30 Short Form Pieces In June

…Because why not? 😜💪 😎

Cee Arr
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Yes! I’m going to publish 30 short form pieces in June.

(That averages 1 per day, in case you were wondering!)


…this is 100% a random whim. 😅

And that’s OK!

I’m not gonna say no to any incidental money, fame, and fortune (lol) — but this is honestly for the funsies!

Challenge guidelines:

  • Short form = 150 words or less, excluding captions, main title, links, etc. (because I am a rebel, obviously. 😎)
  • I’m not counting poetry or fiction in the total (…yet, I may decide to cheat later. 😅)
  • If it stops being fun, then I’m quitting.

The only hard-and-fast rule is the last one.

Yes, the one about quitting, I know that might be surprising.

But it’s because I know what I’m like — I don’t quit when I should. So I need to lay the law down early to prevent over-working!

Wish me luck!

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June short form pieces: 1/30

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