‘It’s the sash, right?’ — Thoughts on Episode 5 of Loki

Cee Arr
2 min readJul 16, 2021

Episode 5 of Disney+’s Loki was freaking awesome.

Once again, this is a SPOILER-free zone, and yes, I’m an episode behind.

So please reciprocate the SPOILER-free-ness cos I haven’t seen the last episode yet!

Two caveats to SPOILER-free:

1. If it’s in a trailer, it’s fair game

2. Queer IDs are not SPOILERS.

I really enjoyed this episode.

I couldn’t help but feel that a whole series based around this episode would be something I could get on board with.

Give me 6 hours of Loki literally arguing with themselves against a backdrop that uses a post-apocalyptic wasteland aesthetic, and I would be there!

I think that’s partly because of the potential for character-driven-ness, partly because of the banter, and partly because of the batpoop elements that we get in the best ways in this episode.

(I love batsh** bizarre elements #SorryNotSorry)

Presidential-candidate-Loki: Come on
Via Giphy

But we can’t just hang around in this world of intriguing egotistical bickering and survivalism, because that darned plot keeps getting in the way!

Not that the plot developments are a bad thing here, I’m just far more interested in the other sh** going on — like I was with episode 3, I guess. 😅

Ugh, and that effing clock thing!

…I really want to rant about the clock thing.

But I will refrain.

Because directing this much vitriol at a fictional AI can’t be healthy 😅

Also, what is judge-lady’s problem?

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