Medium Milestones From May 2023

Little wins for the win!


Neon pink smiley face sign
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Some small achievements from May 2023:

Reached 3k followers!

✅ Made the ‘Top Writers’ list on ManyStories

Published my 500th Medium story!

✅ Made the ‘Top Writers’ list for the Short Form tag (not one with a badge, but I’m still celebrating!)

✅ Entered 2 poems into Promptly Written’s Poetry Contest: Not There (Don’t Look) and Morose Creature (super proud of myself for actually submitting them!)

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June short form pieces: 2/30

June 2023 Short Form Pieces

30 stories
Balloons of the number 30
Nimona: We win
TV showing a bunch of streaming app icons

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