My Highest Earning Story In April 2022

…and what it says about the kinds of stories that do well on Medium

Cee Arr
3 min readMay 1, 2022


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My highest earning story in April 2022, for the second month in a row, was:

…which earned me the whopping sum of $0.94.

I’m happy, obviously!

Any extra cash is a welcome boost to me, both financially and as proof that I’m not wasting my time by clacking away at my keyboard day in and day out.

I know $0.94 isn’t a lot to many writers here — but it’s money I earned and that’s always been important to me.

That I earned that money through my own efforts and my own words.

I just wish that it wasn’t a rant about how difficult it is to make money here that… well, makes me the most money here!

Because, to me, it does say a few things about the kind of writing that does well here on Medium:

  • writing about Medium
  • writing about money
  • ranting

…and none of those are bad.

No, really. None of those are bad.

If it’s what people want to read, then it’s what writers will end up writing.

…And I am proud of that post.

I’m proud of that post because it was literally me pouring my heart out and letting out my frustrations — letting people see that making money online/by writing is not at all easy, and that it can be a serious struggle.

It was honest, and heartfelt.

And I can’t expect more of myself than that.

It’s not the kind of post I’m planning on writing a lot of



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