My Highest Earning Story In May 2023

A glimmer of positivity in a low-earning month

Cee Arr
2 min readJun 1


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Ugh. I didn’t even scrape $5 this month.

I made just over $4.50 — plus I have the 30% international tax to contend with.

My stats are steady. I have 3k followers. I have published 500 stories.

And before you come to the conclusion that my writing must be sh**, I will kindly ask you to leave and not let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

I may be full of self-doubt on the best of days, but I know my stuff is good enough to earn more than $4.50. It’s certainly better than the sh** some people (…or bots, often, let’s be honest,) put out on the regular.

(No I’m not talking about you — if you’re reading this, then I’m definitely talking about someone else…)

I don’t want to enter into discussions about the conspiracies of the algorithm, or my regular (well-justified) rant about how they need to find a way to pay us for external traffic (the Freemium model is Right. There. Argh!)

And good Lord, PLEASE, no more advice.

I know it’s well-meaning, but it doesn’t help.

I promise that whatever you were going to suggest, I’ve either tried it, or there’s a goddamn reason why I haven’t tried it.

Sometimes you just have a sh**ty-paying month.

Sometimes you just get bad luck. (And I am no stranger to bad luck in any part of my life — my bad luck is legendary at this point.)

So, it is what it is.

But there are some glimmers of hope.

My highest-earning story was a piece of poetry that earned a little over $0.80.

That honour goes to ‘Cold and Fair’ — a gothic poem about fairies, because I am Welsh (which most of you will have noticed by now.)

I know that’s not a lot of money — but it means a lot that it’s my poetry that’s doing the best of all my posts.

In June, I’m trying to post 30 short form pieces — for the funsies, rather than with any expectations for money or stats.

If you want to cheer me on you can see my first June short form post here.

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