OMG, this book! *dies of awesome*

Cee Arr
2 min readNov 29, 2021

Brief thoughts on reading The Umbrella Academy, Volume 3: Hotel Oblivion

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OK, after re-reading the first two Umbrella Academy volumes:

…now it’s time for number 3: Hotel Oblivion.

OMG, this book! *dies of awesome* 😍😍😍

I love… so many things about this book!

Especially the way the characterisation is developing — a little more in line with the Netflix show, in fact.

Probably not a coincidence — but whether the show influenced the comics or the comics influenced the show is probably only something Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá can answer!

The main plot here isn’t mimicked by the show, except in one dun-dun-duuuun! respect which I won’t go into ‘cos it’s super-spoilery.

This one got graphic dearest nerdlets!

(I know, I know, graphic novel.)

So while, as usual with The Umbrella Academy, there’s a general Content Warning for… everything, there’s also specific warnings required here for forced prostitution, graphic drug use and graphic images of death by suicide.


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