Scared and Excited!

Looking at the trailer for series 4 of The Umbrella Academy

Cee Arr
Jun 13, 2024
Klaus Hargreeves saying ‘cool’
Gif: Via Netflix / Tenor


The last series of The Umbrella Academy (TUA) is incoming!!!!!

And we have a trailer for it!!!!

And I have no idea what’s going on here!!!! WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE SHORT HAIR?!

…And why was that the question that came to my mind before ‘why is Santa carrying a gun?’ (Dammit, The Killers have a lot to answer for…)

I’m both scared and excited — someone help!

Warning: flashing images, violence (including gun violence,) hyperventilation/panic attack

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Klaus Hargreeves saying ‘cool’
Person silhouetted beneath a clear umbrella. There’s arty purple and blue lighting in the background.
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