‘So… it’s canon that the super-soldier serum makes you hotter.’

Cee Arr
2 min readSep 4, 2021

General thoughts on Marvel’s What If…? episode 1 — What If Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?



Peggy Carter wearing a Union Flag uniform and holding a shield showing the Union Flag from Marvel’s What If…?
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So… it’s canon that the super-soldier serum makes you hotter.

Scientifically proven.

No question. And she was fairly damn attractive to begin with, tbh.

Bucky’s ‘oh f**k what did you do now Steve?’ face is the same across mediums and alternate realities.

It is the consistancy of a man who has had to put up with this sh** for too long.

Also, more than once, Bucky’s clearly just there like, ‘How is this my life again? Someone please tell me.’

And clearly Bucky and Howard require more supervision than this when left to their own devices.

Howard legit said ‘do science stuff’ and I’m here for it

Also, you will always get extra points from me, Howard Stark, for a Hedy LeMarr reference

Fandom will do things with a tentacle monster Marvel. Unspeakable things.

You do not know what you’ve done. Or worse… maybe you do…

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