The Deadpool 3 News That Broke My Brain

Let’s talk because I am EXCITED!

Cee Arr
2 min readSep 30, 2022



Deadpool doing a gasp and bringing his hands to his face
Gif: Via Giphy

OK, in case you haven’t seen/heard it, I’m gonna let you watch Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool announcement before getting into it:

Warning: v. mild flashing images at the end, mild toilet humour

…you seen that? OK, good.

Now check out the second part:

Seen both? Great — let’s talk because I am excited!


As we all know (ofc 😉) Hugh Jackman is Wolverine, no matter who they end up eventually recasting him with.

Hugh Jackman. Is. Wolverine.

And the chance to watch these two in a film together where they have free reign (within reason, I guess, because Deadpool is becoming part of the MCU,) instead of having the weird Origins quirk of making Deadpool a) brainwashed, and b) unable to talk, is incredible.

I can’t really hate on X-Men Origins: Wolverine as much as other people do, though

— I really enjoyed it as a standalone film, it has, and Gambit (played by the ever-unlucky in choice of blockbusters, Taylor Kitsch,) and it ultimately led to us having Deadpool films (…after a long time of waiting!)

I love Ryan Reynolds’ marketing, fair play.



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