The Today Series: Writer’s Chaos

*Cue mildly hysterical laughter*

Cee Arr


Loads of furniture in an untidy and chaotic heap
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Warning: brief ref. to Depression/Anxiety

My writing is chaos at the moment — it’s everywhere.

Like… no, I don’t mean it’s unfocussed (it might be,) or non-linear (that’s pretty much a given at this point.)

No — I mean it’s every goddamn where. Physically.

Because my brain is broken (thanks, Depression/Anxiety,) and my life is the stress right now, but I still have to write stuff — like have to write stuff — so there are notebooks and folders and drafts and…

…they’re everywhere.

There is no organisation. Unless you count the haphazard piles of notes and notebooks in my bedroom as some form of system… I mean, it could be. (It’s not; but it could be.)

I also have a tendency of sticking things in blog drafts, Medium drafts, random files on my computer, notes on my phone, etc., and then just forgetting about them.

And I’ll go back to them, and try to figure out WTAF is going on, and I don’t remember writing half this stuff… and most of them aren’t usable drafts, so much as half a paragraph of something that I’ve completely lost the metaphorical thread of.

Sometimes they even end mid-sentence and I’m like… what was I doing?!

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