There’s A Time of My Life Where All I Remember Is TV Episodes

Cee Arr
2 min readMar 27, 2022

Pretty much all of the rest of that time period is a total f**king blur

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Warning: this post discusses chronic illness and ableism

There’s a 3–6 month period of my life from which all I can remember is the episode plots of around 3 TV shows: Haven, Arrow, and Sleepy Hollow.

I sh** you not — pretty much all of the rest of that time period is a total f**king blur of flu-related gut convulsions, exhaustion, and then labyrinthitis.

(And yes, I would catch the f**king illness with the name like a David Bowie movie! It’s a lot less fun. Believe me.)

Haven is one of my favouritest TV shows of all time.

If you haven’t heard of it, then I’m not angry, just disappointed (not in you — in Society in general.)

It was (extremely loosely) based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King, with a whole bunch of other Stephen King elements chucked in for good luck.

Then they gave it some pretty actors, batsh** weird plots, and a sense of humour, and called it a series.

And it was totally awesome dammit!!!!!

Slightly brooding/gothic TV shows were apparently the only thing my brain was processing at that time.

…That and a lot of pain, and the stress of dropping out of uni with everyone looking at me like I totally failed and was faking it; including the doctor, who would only believe me when I practically screamed at her.

Being ill is not fun, and anyone who has had prolonged periods of illness is my hero.

Aside from the actual illness, which is bad enough, people treat you like sh**.

Still, at least I found a Haven.

(…I couldn’t resist!)

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