Things Which Will Make Me Think Your Account Is Spam

…even if it’s not

Cee Arr


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I’m not naive enough to think that I never follow spammers — it’s sadly inevitable.

But if something’s screaming ‘SPAM!’ at me, I’m not going to follow back.

So here’s a few things that make me think you might be a Medium spammer:

  • Your titles are in SHOUTY CAPS — just… don’t.
  • Your bio doesn’t match your content — you’re telling me you write fiction, but your stories are weight loss and politics. Or you claim to be a young woman… with stories about your experiences as a grandfather.
  • Common spam themes — weight loss, bitcoin, fitness, streaming services, promises of young singles who can’t wait to meet me (sadly untrue)…
  • Clearly scraped content — some things are not your writing. I’ve seen scraped Amazon product reviews, and that’s just lazy.
  • Garbled nonsense — even the fangirlingest of fangirls won’t write kfngrohugtiwrbvl for every word. C’mon!
  • You’re Justin Bieber — I’m sorry, Justin, I never followed you back. 😘

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