To Love A Loki

There’s something everyone seems to miss about series 1 of Loki…

Cee Arr


(Warning: this post discusses low self-esteem and self-hatred. It also briefly mentions self-harm.)

With series 2 of Loki starting streaming (eep!), I thought I’d discuss something about series 1 that tends to get missed in the online talky-talks (aka ‘The Discourse™.’)

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Before we go any further though — this post is gonna have SPOILERS for series 1 of Loki.


OK, you can’t say I didn’t warn you, let’s talk Loki -

In the series, Loki falls in love with Sylvie — a female alternate version of himself from a different timeline.

And honestly — who can blame him? She’s… *fans self*

Anyway, a lot of people were… irrationally angry about this.

For a variety of reasons — some valid, some not-so-valid.

Amongst all the valid and not-so-valid opinions, though, one thing gets missed out, time and time again.

And that thing is so blaringly obvious to me that I honestly don’t understand why more people haven’t noticed this -

It’s a freaking metaphor!

Everyone’s maybe been distracted by the self-cest…

(Fandom notes:

Self-cest is fanfiction where someone’s in a romantic and/or sexual relationship with an alternate or clone version of themselves. Like incest with yourself, hence the name.

It’s actually a really popular niche of fanfiction and fandom roleplay (…which is something I’m not explaining here cos it would take all day,) and I think a lot of people who really dislike the Loki/Sylvie relationship are deflecting from their own reading habits, if you catch my drift.)

…or else the debate…



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