Watching ‘Orange Is The New Black’ In Lockdown

Cee Arr
4 min readMar 30, 2021

(Warning: this post discusses Coronavirus/Covid 19 and prison (…not at the same time,) and references drugs and death)

You know all those shows that you just don’t get around to for whatever reason?

Orange Is The New Black was one of those for me.

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So what better series to start amongst the numerous Lockdowns of the past year, than one where they can’t go out either, y’know?

If you’re not familiar with OITNB, the basic premise is that Piper Chapman — nice blonde White girl from a good family — goes to prison to serve her time for a past offence.

Cos miss Piper has something of a past — previously unknown to fiancee, Larry. Her ex-girlfriend, Alex, was part of an international drug cartel.

And Piper handled some money or something — the exact details are only revealed a little at a time, so Piper’s involvement is a little vague at best at the outset.

So I’m into the second series now, but I’m aware that there’s like… seven series — so no spoilers please!

I think that what’s been most impressive to me so far is the way this series takes its time to unfold.

Most series hit you hard quick, y’know? Cos they wanna prove their worth and keep you watching.

This series knows you’re gonna keep watching.

This series doesn’t feel the need to prove itself to you. So it allows itself to develop: slowly, and, sometimes, surprisingly.

Characters you dislike at the beginning become more sympathetic by their present actions and slowly-revealed backstory.

On the other hand, characters who seemed relatively likeable to begin with slowly reveal themselves to be jerks (looking at you, Healy.)

Generally speaking, we’ve got a whole…

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