We’re Going Entirely Off-Book…

The new The Umbrella Academy (TUA) series 3 trailer is here!

Cee Arr
1 min readMay 27, 2022


Person silhouetted beneath a clear umbrella. There’s arty purple and blue lighting in the background.
Photo by Jaizer Capangpangan on Unsplash


Trailer! — trailer! — do you… do you see it?! — There’s a The Umbrella Academy (TUA) trailer for series 3!

And we seem to be going entirely off-book here — not surprising considering there’s limited comics left to run with.

(Given how vol. 3: Hotel Oblivion ended, the comics might start taking plot etc. from the show pretty soon.)

☂️Expect chaos!

☂️And other people with powers!

☂️And Klaus making Luther question his own existence in the lewdest way possible!

Warning: flashing images, general violence, adult humour, family issues b/c Umbrella Academy



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