What If… I Watched Another Episode?

Talking series 2, episode 5, of Marvel’s What If…? (What If… Captain Carter Fought the Hydra Stomper?)

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Captain Carter from What If
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OK, so, I watched episode 5 of series 2 of Marvel’s What If…?, titled ‘What If… Captain Carter Fought the Hydra Stomper?’ and…

Look, I haven’t seen the Black Widow film yet (because I have but two eyeballs and one self, and the mountain of content available is never-ending,) so I don’t know what’s unique to this episode, and what’s borrowed from the movie, but that town is creepy, OK? *shudders* I mean…WTF?!

…And we are still entirely ignoring the Queer subtext of this part of the Marvel franchise.

Not just with Steve and Bucky, either: Nat and Peggy, here, are about ready to rent a room and hire a U-Haul, but we’re out here pretending they’re ‘gal pals.’ *sigh*

Oh, and Bucky as a senator has a real George Clooney/silver fox thing going #JustSaying.

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