‘See? Nothing to be sorry for.’

Cee Arr
1 min readSep 5, 2021

An accurate(-ish…) summary of Marvel’s What If…? episode 2 — What If T’Challa Became A Star Lord?

Star Lord removing his mask to reveal T’Challa
Via Giphy


Content Warning: this post discusses child abduction in a sci-fi setting

Yandu: Listen I’m sorry about-

T’Challa: S’all good. You just did what I asked you to.

Yandu: Yeah but you were a small child which I abducted from its home planet, and then I told you your parents, family, and entire country were dead and destroyed.

T’Challa: See? Nothing to be sorry for.

Yandu: I feel like I dodged a bullet, so I’ma point out how pretty the stars are now.

T’Challa: Ooh! Pretty!

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